Dr. Pranav More (Father of Aayush)

“Dear Doctor Musani,
For every parent dental issues in their child are nightmarish affair but you and your team at Kids Dental have made this journey for us more than comfortable. Dr. Musani your ability to connect and communicate with children is worth an applaud. My child has never been so comfortable and confident of sitting in a dental chair as he is at your clinic inspite of him being just 4 years old.
Thank you so much Doctor for being there for us and making this experience just too easy.”

Rugveda S Walke

“After the tongue tie surgery my son has improved with the following:
1. Eating Habbits
2. Speech (most importantly which has improved)
3. Movement of his tongue around the mouth
4. Eating more which has helped him gain weight
Thank you very much Dr.Musani for helping my son improve .”

Gauri Mandke (Mother of Malhar)

“Malhar is very comfortable with Dr. Kaka, he is very friendly. I am also very happy with the treatment. Thanks a lot.”

Anshu Sinha

“Dr. Iqbal Musani is a good dentist. Very friendy with kids. Puts them at ease.Been a good experience so far. Thank you and wishing you success to the entire team.”

Sanjeev Sudavarti (Father of Manasi)

“We are happy with the overall treatment given by Dr. Musani. He took sufficient time in diagnosing the problem, sorted out all the problem and always insisted on preventive maintenance of teeth. Some of the key points we particularly liked:
1. Time taken for Diagnosis
2. Multiple work carried out in single sitting
3. Preventive methods
4. Clean and high quality fillings, rootcanals and other dental work.
We thank him for all treatment and care.”

Raghmundra’s Mom

“We have had an amazing experience here. Baby was a little cranky but the Doctor and the nurses managed him well.”

Kedar Arawandekar

“We have had a good experience at Dr. Musani’s as my child was only 10 months old. Dr. Iqbal handled her very carefully and operated very catiously. Now my child, Arya’s tongue tie issue has resolved. Thanks to Dr. Iqbal. May you be very successful in the coming years.”

Vipina Mudada

“Very friendly staff. Doctor Iqbal you have come as a blessing to worrying mothers. Viyaan used to be a very paranoid child. His first reaction to any doctor was fear. Your friendly attitude and warmth towards him helped him a great deal. Visit to the clinic was more of a delightful experience that he looked forward to. The work done on his teeth is so good that people who know about it say it is fantastic. Viyaan’s self-confidence has really improved and so has his food intake and speech. Thank you Doctor! God bless you and your loved ones and your staff!! May you have abundant and infinite success.”

Daksh and Manya Upadhyay

“I like Dr. Musani his treatments really helped me. He is one of the best doctors in the world. Thank you Doctor.”

Nisha Amanani

“We are from the Philippines and my son who is under the care of Dr. Iqbal Musani choose no other dentist to treat him and would much rather fly to Poona for his treatment than have anyone else back home do it. Dr. Iqbal has a very warm and personal relationship with his patients and takes great time and patience to explain the process, the case treatment explicitly to us. We know exactly how and why the treatment is going to be done. Not only during the process but all he cares to check on how the patient is doing. So great care and a great staff, all done with a smile.”

Shweta Singh

“My son is coming to Dr. Iqbal Musani for the last 3 years and never have we faced any kind of issues. My son and I, are both very happy as he now has very healthy teeth. I never thought such a big thing could be done with such ease. Thank you Doctor.”

Gurpreet Bhasin (Father of Kavish)

“Over all very good. Keep it up!”

Father of Viraaj

“It has been a year now since we know Dr. Iqbal Musani. He has treated my son, Viraaj. He is passionate about his profession and is equally compassionate and humble with his patients. I have recommended him to my friends and they too have been coming to him regularly. Thank you for all the treatment and the amazing job that you are doing.”

Shahana Advani

“I really like doctor Musani because he is very careful.”

Shirin Advani

“We had a wonderful experience at Dr. Musani’s clinic. My daughter got her entire treatment and it was done very professionally with utmost care. Dr. Iqbal Musani is very good with kids and handles them well. I will recommend him to everyone I know.”